Polymaker Polymax PLA 3mm X 750g Red

Polymaker Polymax PLA 3mm X 750g Red

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750g of high quality filament on a spool.  
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Extremely Tough : Regular PLA is a strong, but brittle material.  PolyMax PLA was designed to change this.  Featuring increased impact strength of up to 9 times that of regular PLA and 20% higher than than ABS.So if you are looking for a material that can withstand your mechanically demanding tasks, PolyMax PLA is up to the challenge.

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Uncompromised Quality : The good mechanical strength of PolyMax PLA is achieved with no compromise in printing quality. As PolyMax PLA is also produced with Jam-Free technology you can be certain you will get high quality prints with excellent strength while still enjoying the ease of printing PLA.


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ABS? No More : Still printing ABS while trying to endure the odour and potential health risk?  With PolyMax PLA you can get rid of that potentially hazardous ABS and still achieve the same structural strength with even more benefits such better printer compatibility, easier printing, less warping, no hazardous odours, and in many cases even better mechanical properties.

Spool Specs


Material Specs

Glass Transition Temp
~ 60 °C (140 °F)

Filament Melting Point
150 160 °C (302 320 °F)

1.25 g/cm3

1.75 mm or 3 mm

± 0.05 mm
50 Microns
(Typical~ 0.02 mm )

General Printing Settings

Temperature Range:
180 240 °C

Recommended 3D printing temperature:
185 200 °C (Diameter of 1.75mm and with Heated Bed)
200 230 °C (Diameter of 1.75mm and without Heated Bed)
200 230 °C (Diameter of 3mm)

Recommended 3D print speed:
40 120 mm/s

Technical Data Sheets:

If your looking for more information on PolyMax PLA then you can download the materials technical data sheet here