Polymaker Polylite ABS 1kg X 1.75mm

Printed Solid

A high quality value priced ABS filament from Polymaker.

ABS is well known as a polymer used in some automotive non-structural parts and Legos.  It has low density, good impact resistance, and tends to extrude very smoothly.  It can be smoothed and welded with acetone and can be sanded fairly easily.  

It is derived from petroleum sources, so it will have a noticeable smell while printing.  Therefore, printing in a well ventilated area or using a filter system is advised.  An enclosure and PEI adhesion sheet is advised to minimize print lifting and cracking.

Net Weight:

1 Kg <± 20g (Typical <+ 20g)

Diameter (Tolerance):

1.75 mm ±0.05 mm

Printing Temp:

245 – 265 °C

Printing Speed:

40 – 90 mm/s

Heated Bed:

80 – 105 °C

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