Polyalchemy Elixir PLA Blend 1.75mm Filament X 750g


Why do we like this material and what do we use it for?  Polyalchemy Elixir has a uniquely pearlescent appearance.  It is a great choice for unique effects on aesthetic prints and it is easy to print.  We consider this to be a great choice for visual affect, but find it is not well suited for structural prints.    Try printing something like a Julia vase as your first part and you will be amazed.


  • Diameter: 1.75mm 
  • Tolerance:0.05 +/- 
  • The printing temperature: 200-220C
  • The printing plate: 0- 60 degrees 
  • Weight: NW 750G, GW 1KG
  • Spool diameter 200mm
  • Hole Size 55mm

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