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Octoprint 101 Class and Hardware

Printed Solid

4 Hour Class Session held at Printed Solid, 2850 Ogletown Rd, Newark, DE  

Runs 10:30-2:30  Dates will be scheduled based on demand.

More than just installing Octoprint. This class covers all of the basics needed to setup and operate your new Octoprint server.

  1. In order to setup Octoprint you need to understand the Raspberry Pi. So we give you a walk through of the Raspberry Pi 3 and the official 7” touch screen.
  2. In order to understand the Raspberry Pi you need to understand Linux. So we walk you through some basic Linux commands like sudo, nano and apt-get and moving around in the terminal.
  3. In order to understand Linux you need to understand some networking terms and basic security. So we cover basic networking concepts and setting up access control.

The class starts with imaging your Pi with the Octopi image (we will cover the differences between Octopi and Octoprint) then configuring the touchscreen. Next we cover the interface and some of the features of Octoprint. Finally we go into installing additional plugin’s and fixing some of the most common features you’ll want on your setup. 


The class is intended for people with zero knowledge of Raspberry Pi’s and Linux but have a good understanding of 3D printing. Due to several differences which can take a lot of time to cover this class is a Windows only class (sorry no Mac’s) So bring your laptop and get ready to learn how to get started with Octoprint and the Raspberry Pi.


When the class end you will go home with your new Raspberry Pi 3, Official 7” touchscreen, SD card, Power supply, webcam and our laser cut clear acrylic case ready to plug into your 3D printer and get going.

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