Nylforce Carbon Fiber - 2.85mm X 500g

Fiber Force

Carbon Fiber filled nylon is an excellent option for printing functional / structural objects.  

This filament consists of high quality nylon filament mixed with chopped carbon fiber pieces.  It maintains the toughness and layer bonding you recognize from nylon, but has increased stiffness and reduced warpage from the addition of the glass fiber.  

Please note that this filament is abrasive and will damage brass nozzles.  We advise using a hardened steel nozzle.  

Printing Temperature :240-265C

Bed Temperature:  No heat to 70C

Bed preparation:  Any bed substrate coated with PVA glue

Maximum use temperature:  70C

Parts Cooling Fan:  OFF

Special notes:  Filament must be kept dry or dried prior to use

Filament manufactured by Fiber Force Italy




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