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LDO Voron V2.4 Rev C Printer Kit

LDO Voron V2.4 Rev C Printer Kit

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Does not include the following:

  • Raspberry Pi

  • 3D Printed Parts


Not available to our customers in Canada due to customs/export/import concerns. 


Voron v2.4 Rev C Printer Kit by LDO.

  • Included:
  • Premium LDO Parts: Motors, Frame color options, Stainless Steel Linear Rails, Casting Al build plate, double-sided PEI coated flex plate
  • Toolhead & Breakout PCB based on the popular hartk design.
  • Pre-cut & Pre-wired cables
  • Input Shaper Toolkit (ADXL345)
  • Keenovo Silicon Heater
  • Bigtreetech Octopus V1.1 Controller
  • Genuine Bondtech BMG dual drive gears
  • Genuine Gates 2GT belts
  • LDO selected hardwares & Brass Heatset Insert Tool
  • Nevermore Filter kit included
  • Klicky mod kit included
  • LED lighting kit included.
  • Rails MGN12H for X Axis and MGN9H for the rest.
  • Voron Revo
  • Touchscreen BTT 4.3TFT touch screen


    Free Upgrade to Printed Solids Black Aluminum Composite Material Panel set and 3mm Acrylic Panel Set. will be included

    >If you want White instead please email with your order number.

    Features & Extras

    • Stainless Steel Linear Rails- 12Hsize rails for X axis included. You'll still want to grease these rails, but you can do it at the end of your build.
    • Toolhead PCB- Our kit includes a modified hartk toolhead PCB. In addition, we designed a toolhead breakout PCB to make wiring at the controller end simple and straightforward.
    • Brass Heatset Insert Tool- We've included a custom machined brass tip for your soldering iron, use it to install heatset inserts with ease! Check herefor more information.
    • Input Shaper Tool- We thew in a toolkit that includes all the necessary parts to help you perform input shaper calibration, hassle free.
    • Pre-cut & Pre-wired- Our kit includes all necessary wiring: cut to the right length and pre-crimped or soldered to their respective parts. See our detailed wiring guide here.
    • LED Lighting - Bring lighting to your Voron with included LED strips and all necessary wiring!
    • Nevermore Filter- We include parts for a optional internal circulation filter: the Nevermore Micro V5 by 0ndsk4 (carbon pellets not included due to shipping restrictions).
    • Klicky Mod-  Instead of the included Omron inductive probe, We also provide the parts to build your machine using the optional Klicky mod by jlas1.
    • Small Tools- We include a small set of hex wrenches for all the fasteners used in the build (Preparing your own set of good quality hex wrenches is still recommended). Also included is a small flat head screw driver that is useful in a surprising numerous situations.
    • 2mm Drill Bit- Metric drill bits may not be very common in some parts of the world, so we included one. Use it to ream the filament path in your printed extruder parts.




    • Printed Parts Guide (LDO supplement) - Are you planning on printing parts before the kit arrives? Read our supplementary print guide to see which parts to print/replace/omit.
    • Wiring Guide - We created this supplementary wiring guide to make wiring your printer a breeze.
    • Cable Chain Guide - See our short guide here for tips on our included cable chains (also known as drag chains).
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      Ken J.
      United States

      This is the one

      This V2.4 (r2) kit was an absolute joy to build. For starters, everything in the kit is well organized and clearly labeled. Materials seem to be of excellent quality and there are plenty of spare fasteners, in bags that open and close easily. You get some great upgrade packages that are optional to install like Neopixels, Nevermore, Klicky probe, toolhead PCB, and LED lighting strips for the interior. The pre-built wiring harnesses are perfect and save you from many hours of tedious work. It's a nice touch to have the bed heater, thermistor and thermal temp fuse pre-installed as well. A hotend is not included, but the heater cartridge and thermistor are. Bottom and back panels are very nice aluminum clad sheets with clean edges. Other great (confidence inspiring) stuff: Excellent online docs from LDO and Voron Design Incredible multi-part build streams of THIS KIT on YouTube to follow along with A Discord community that really wants you to help you succeed If I could change anything, I'd go with quieter fans for cooling the electronics bay. That's it! Also, thank you Printed Solid for communicating clearly on timelines and getting these shipped as promised. Every purchase I've made from PS has been seamless. So buy your favorite hotend (Phaetus Dragon for me), scrounge up a Raspberry Pi somewhere and buy this kit!

      Ulderico C.
      United States United States

      Great kit!

      Great kit, started the build but it's easy to see the parts quality are good