LDO Voron V0.1 Printer Kit

LDO Voron V0.1 Printer Kit


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LDO Voron V0.1 Printer Kit
LDO Voron V0.1 Printer Kit
LDO Voron V0.1 Printer Kit
LDO Voron V0.1 Printer Kit
LDO Voron V0.1 Printer Kit

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If you want both the color frame upgrade and our ACM panel upgrade then purchase the kit and the color extrusion you want and then send an email to Support@printedsolid.com and we will send you an invoice for the difference.

Voron V0.1 Printer Kit by LDO.

Everything you need except for the printed parts.

  • Included:


  • Do you want a color frame instead of the included black frame?
    • Add any color frame to your cart and use the discount code "V0Color" for 90% off the color frame and we will swap out your frame for a color one from our stock. That works out to just $6 more for most colors.
  • If you would like to swap out the Phaetus Dragonfly BMO for a Slice Hotend. We can't do it with discount codes automatically but we can do it for you manually. Please immediately after ordering your V0.1 printer kit email us at Support@printedsolid.com and let us know before we ship your printer. Then we can swap you out for the difference in price.


Features & Extras

  • Stainless Steel Linear Rails - That's right, no more worrying about rusty rails. You'll still want to grease these rails, but you can do it at the end of your build.
  • Machined Rail Nuts - Our kit includes 5 custom machined T nuts to secure the linear rails onto the extrusions, (no need to fiddle with tiny m2 nuts on a thin plastic part)
  • Brass Insert Tool - We've included a custom machined brass tip for your soldering iron, use it to install heatset inserts with ease! Check here for more information.
  • Pre-cut & Pre-wired - Our kit includes all necessary wiring: cut to just the right length and pre-crimped or soldered to their respective parts. See our supplementary wiring guide here.
  • Two Types of Nuts - We've included both black oxide hex nuts and stainless square nuts in our kit, use whichever type you prefer.
  • Partially Threaded Screws - The small pack of partially threaded SHCS screws (M3x30/x35) are for the mini-afterburner, they help reduce wear on the idler and Latch parts.
  • Hex Wrenches - We found that 1.5mm hex wrenches wear out easily, so we threw in a bunch of them. However, you should definitely still buy a set of good quality hex wrenches.
  • Threadlocker - We included a small tube of threadlocker. Use it on all the grub(set) screws.
  • 2mm Drill Bit - Metric drill bits may not be very common in some parts of the world, so we included one. Use it to ream the filament path in your printed extruder parts.
  • RTV Glue - The included tube of RTV glue is used for securing the heatpad to the aluminum build plate. Check out this great video by Nero 3dp for assembling a safe build plate.


  • Take advantage of the Voron on Discord: https://discord.gg/voron. The community is very active on Discord and the users are very helpful on the #voron_0_questions channel.
  • Download Fusion 360 and get a free license to view the 3D model of the printer. The 3D model is a very useful reference when the manual is ambiguous or unclear.
  • Check out Nero 3DP's Youtube channel, he has a ton of videos on assembling Voron printers.
  • Get a serial number once you finish building your Voron.


  • Printed Parts Guide (LDO supplement) - Are you planning on printing parts before the kit arrives? Read our supplementary print guide to see which parts to print/replace/omit.
  • Wiring Guide - We created this supplementary wiring guide to make wiring your printer a breeze.
  • Nuts in 1515 Extrusions - See our 1515 short nut guide here for tips on handling nuts in 1515 aluminum extrusions.

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