LDO Full Bear 2.1 Upgrade Kit for MK2S / MK2.5S / MK3S

LDO Full Bear 2.1 Upgrade Kit for MK2S / MK2.5S / MK3S

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The Bear Frame 2.1 upgrade improves the stiffness and reliability of the original Prusa i3 MK2(S), MK2.5(S) and MK3(S). It allows faster printing speeds, increases precision, makes maintenance easier and opens the door to more customization. It allows you to express your style and individuality with the choice of colored frames!

  - Compatible with Original Prusa i3 MK2(S), MK2.5(S) and MK3(S) printers
  - Compatible with many extruders such as the Original Prusa, BearExxa, BearMera, (E3D Hemera) and Bondtech Prusa Upgrade extruders.
  - Reuses as many parts, from your original printer, as possible
  - Sturdy frame for faster printing
  - Made from high quality aluminum extrusions
  - Custom designed, stronger and rust free t-nuts
  - Improved accuracy
  - Reduced noise level
  - Easy to build, use and maintain
  - Built to last
  - Precisely engineered printed parts
  - Thoroughly tested during development
  - Highly configurable and customizable
  - Detailed documentation
  - Supported by an active and broad based community
  - Truly open source

New features since the Bear Frame 2.0 release
  - Significantly improved assembly guide and documentation
  - Single frame for all Prusa versions (same frame as Full Bear 2.0 MK3)
  - New stiffer Y axis with tensioner
  - New stiffer Z axis
  - Improved X and Y axis homing accuracy
  - Improved Z axis alignment and assembly
  - Reduced Y axis stepper noise for MK3(S)
  - New build helpers for Y and Z axis
  - Support for all stock Prusa PSUs
  - Custom designed, sturdier t-nuts
  - Shorter LCD supports
  - New custom LCD cover
  - Nicer and more resistant end caps
  - Easier assembly of printed parts
  - Improved wire management with new cable clips
  - Stiffer mounts for Rambo Mini/Einsy cover
  - Compatible with E3D Gates idlers as well as with 9mm belt

What is in the kit
The kit contains all the extrusions, screws and nuts to upgrade an Original Prusa printer, you will only have to print the plastic parts yourself. Note that some of the screws and nuts from your Original Prusa printer will be reused.

Download, assembly guide and documentation

Printed parts, assembly guide and print settings can be find at https://guides.bear-lab.com/c/Frame .
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Aaron M.
United States United States

Excellent kit

Excellent kit, very complete. A few extras of the small parts. Only had one bad nut plate. Love the blue frame.

Aaron M.
United States United States

Awesome Kit

Great Kit. Brought my old MK2 back to life. The kit was complete and all the parts were top-notch. I didn’t think you could improve upon a Prusa much, bur now my MK2 prints as well, if not better than my MK3. Going to order another for my MK3 as soon as the boss approves.

Harry L.
United States United States

Very good very nice

Love itttt!!!!!!!!!!!!

Angel G.
United States United States

Great Job LDO

Its just extrusion...then you realize they anodize it AFTER cutting. You get ends painted and better yet this makes it electrically non conductive. You may say "who cares" but that's important if you ground your frame. If you touch it you won't get the magic smoke through your body. This is my second LDO frame (first was Voron 2.4) and great stuff!!

A Printed Solid Customer
M H.
United States United States

Buy a Voron kit instead

The kit consists of some aluminum extrusions and hardware. The quality of both is good. So you might wonder why I am giving this one star. I am giving it one star, because after doing two of these upgrades, I have decided that it's just not worth it. Recently I purchased a Prusa for my nephew. This gave me the opportunity to compare print quality. And guess what? There is very little difference. It is a significant amount of work to "upgrade" the Prusa to the Bear. And while you're doing that, if the Prusa was your only printer, you will be without a printer. So if one of the parts breaks, you'll be re-assembling your Prusa to print the replacement, or trying to find someone to do that for you. Once you've completed the "upgrade", your warranty with Prusa is null and void. You do have extrusions instead of the Prusa frame, which makes it easier to attach various accessories. However, good luck finding those, because unlike Voron, there is no web site you can go to to locate compatible accessories and upgrades. Also, the community of Bear users is very small in comparison. All the negative aspects of the Prusa - those rods that flex, the bearings that tend to wear out, the bed with uneven heating at the edge, the slow printing, and the inconsistent surface finish to do extrusion inconsistency - will still be there; this kit does nothing to address any of that. Also, unlike Voron, which has released 3 new printers in 3 years, the Bear project is very slow moving. It is basically one guy, who always has to have things his way, and so doesn't like to work with others. He's been promising various things, such as a linear rail upgrade, and Duet controller support, for almost 3 ears now. He might ship those things someday, but every new enhancement takes a super long time. So my recommendation is to keep your Prusa stock, save up your money, and buy a Voron kit. You'll then have 2 printers. Your new printer will be enclosed or easily enclosable. It will be able to print at 4-5x or more the speed. And you'll have the support of a huge community with a huge, searchable library of accessories and mods.