Jessie PLA 1.75mm X 1kg

Printed Solid

This is our new line of PLA filament called “Jessie PLA” available in 12 colors. What makes our filament unique compared to other filaments out there is 4 distinct things.

  1. Our filament is made in the USA.
  2. We also have an ovality rating on our filament to help with multi-material printing.
  3. Our filament is completely open source and registered with OSHW.
  4. It is name after David Randolph’s dog.

We are launching with 12 colors in PLA and will gauge demand for more materials and color offerings towards Q2 of 2019. The colors at launch will be. Black, White, Natural, Gun Metal Grey, Deep Purple, Design White, Blue Moon, Tree Green, Yellow Bird, Mystery Orange, PS Red, Bold Blue.

We teamed up with IC3D Printers based in Columbus Ohio to help us bring this to market and we are proud to be making our filament both open source and in the USA with them.

Q: Who is Jessie you ask?  A: Jessie is the the owners dog.

Q: Why name a filament after a pet?  A: Why not? She is a wonderful friend.

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