Red/White/Blue Bundle NinjaFlex 85A TPU Filament 3X 500g spool

Fenner Drives


Bundle includes one spool each of 500g Fire (red), Snow (white), and Sapphire (blue). 

This is part of our 2018 Independce Day special on Made in the USA filaments.  

NinjaFlex is made by Fenner Drives near Lancaster, PA only about an hour from the Printed Solid warehouse.  


An awesome flexible elastic filament.  This is a TPE (thermoplastic elastomer).  You will not believe your prints can flex like this!

This filament is compatible with most printers, but may require addition of a supporting tube between the hobbed bolt and the hot end.  The E3D Titan or Titan Aero works great for this!

More info from the manufacturer’s website:

NinjaFlex’s unique flexibility and smooth feeding characteristics enable you to create in ways you never thought possible.

Best Suited For:
  • Fused Deposition 3D printers that use 1.75mm or 3mm filament.
  • 3D printers that accept other types of filaments such as ABS and PLA
Have a question on NinjaFlex? Read our Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Filament shore hardness of approximately 85A for ninjaFlex and 98A (50D) for semiFlex
  • Consistent diameter and material properties provide reliable, high quality prints
  • Patent pending technology allows for smooth feeding
  • Low tack, low CoF exterior allows smooth feed through filament guides
  • High elasticity and excellent abrasion resistance
  • Excellent build platform adhesion and bonding between layers
  • REACH and RoHS 2002/95/EC Directive Compliant
  • 1.75mm filament spool = .50 kg
  • 3.00mm filament spool = .75 kg
Processing Guidelines:
  • Recommended extruder temperature: 210 – 225°C
  • Recommended platform temperature: 20 – 50°C
  • Recommended Print Speed: 10-30 mm/s
  • Note that it is possible to print on Bowden Drives, it is a bit trickier to get the settings dialed in correctly.  

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