Grafylon Graphene Filled PLA 1.75mm X 700g

Grafylon Graphene Filled PLA 1.75mm X 700g

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Description from the manufacturer:

GRAFYLON® 3d is the revolutionary PLA born from the experience of FILOALFA and Directa Plus.
FILOALFA GRAFYLON® 3d is a filament for 3d printing addicted with Graphene Plus, to provide excellent mechanical and aesthetic performance.
GRAFYLON® 3d is suitable for the most popular printers on the market and is completely non-toxic and odorless till high temperatures.
A special filament with exceptional physical properties of mechanical strength and thermal conductivity, coupled with a highly defined surface finish with priceless printing simplicity.
Compared to a traditional PLA,  GRAFYLON® 3d offers:
Elastic module: + 34%
Tensile strength: + 23%
Elongation Capacity: + 28%
Best surface finish: ideal for printing finished objects

Note that this material has improved thermal conductivity, but is NOT electrically conductive.
Thermal conductivity: + 100% (from 0.1915 to 0.385 w/mk)
Thermal conductivity translates to reduced print times and better definition even in small objects.
FILOALFA recommends GRAFYLON® 3d for complex prototypes with high aesthetic impact.

+ Easy to print
+ Excellent surface finish
+ Non-toxic and odorless
Nozzle Temperature 170 - 210°C
Recommended Print Speed 40 - 120 mm/s
Buildplate Temperature 0-50°C
Spool external diameter 200 mm
Spool Width 65 mm
Packaging Vacuum Sealed Spool