Gecko Tek EZ-Stik Hot Print Surface

Gecko Tek EZ-Stik Hot Print Surface

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  • EZ-Stik HOT is for printers with heated beds.

    Here's what you get with EZ-Stik:

    • Reliable first layer adhesion every time

    • Safe and easy part removal when your job is done

    • Long lasting durability - Designed to last over 100 prints!

    • Works with a wide range of filaments - ABS, PLA, PETG, Nylon, and many more!

    • Fits every 3D Printer! Easily cuts to size with household scissors

Gecko Tek EZ-Stik Hot Print Surface

The best build surface out there for 3D Printing with Nylon.

Take your 3D Printing to the next level. The Advanced Coating Technology in EZ-Stik Hot provides maximum adhesion when heated to prevent warping and easy part removal when cooled.

Don't see the size you need? Simply cut your EZ-Stik surface to size with standard scissors then use the peel and stick adhesive backing to attach to your build platform. Works with ABS, PLA, PETG, Nylon, Composites and more!

At Printed Solid, we have tested this surface with a wide range of materials. While it works with many materials, it is absolutely incredible with nylon. If you print with nylon a lot, then you absolutely need this. Consider a glass plate with PEI on one side and EZ-Stik Hot on the other for a killer print plate.