Fluorinar-B PVDF 2.85

Fluorinar-B PVDF 2.85

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Like many 3D print filament material, PVDF can be difficult to adhere to the print bed surface. One approach to improving surface adhesion is to reduce the crystallinity of the monomer by the addition of non-fluoropolymer components. While this may lead to improved print bed adhesion, it may result in the loss of desirable material properties such as upper use temperature, chemical corrosion and inflammability. There must be a better approach.

Nile Polymers is pleased to introduce Fluorinar-B™ with Fluorosmooth™ for enhanced surface adhesion, no warping and made from 100% PVDF.

Stop wasting your time!

Do-overs stink in 3D printing. Now large parts can be made without warping or loss of print bed adhesion. The final print remains perfectly flat after completion and cooling. Keep in mind that the printed part must be fully cooled prior to removal from the glass bed. We’ve warned you! Fluorosmooth™ eliminates warping by creating a high strength bond with the glass build plate. Premature part removal may result in damage to the glass print bed surface. Extreme adhesion! Proceed with caution!

All filaments made by Nile Polymers are always 100% Kynar® and 100% PVDF!

Color: White
Diameter (mm) : 2.85
Filament Weight (g) : 1000

Print Temp Range 240 – 250 C
Bed Temp Range 100 C
Cooling Fan No
Print Speed Range 10 – 30 mm/s
Bed Adhesion Print objects on glass bed that is prepared with a thin layer of Elmer’s Disappearing Purple Glue Stick

Large PVDF 3D Prints: print sizes are only limited by machine print volume
First print layer bonds to PVA-coated glass and remains perfectly flat without using brims or rafts
Excellent build plate adhesion: no loss of part dimensions due to warping
No lifting around sharp corners on the printed part
Fully melt compatible with Fluorinar-H™ filament in multi-extrusion printers
Rapid prototype development
Small quantity part production
Cost-effective part manufacturing compared to machining from solid stock
CNC machining of printed part for tight tolerance requirements
Optimal print settings can be achieved on all consumer-grade printers
No off-gassing during printing due to PVDF melt stability
Excellent corrosion resistance to most mineral and organic acids, aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, alcohols, halogenated solvents, and oxidizing agents
No loss of mechanical strength after long-term UV exposure
100% Kynar® and 100% PVDF
Meets ISO-10993-5:2009 cytotoxicity standard for biocompatibility