Everlast - Sapphire Tipped Nozzle

3D Solex

This nozzle is compatible with printers using E3D V6 / MK8 style nozzles.  It is able to accept 3mm and 1.75mm filament. Due to the embedded sapphire, which is not electrically conductive, it is not compatible with printers requiring electrical contact of the nozzle for bed leveling such as the Taz 6 and Mini.

Looking to print awesome abrasive materials without destroying the delicate brass nozzle built into the print core?  This is your solution.  

The Everlast nozzle is fitted with a sapphire tip which provides an extreme level of abrasion resistance.  The high thermal conductivity of the brass and the sapphire means that you can use this same nozzle for all of your filaments.  In addition, the nozzles use race technology where the inner bore of the nozzle is split in two.  This promotes more uniform heating and facilitates lower printing temperatures and faster printing speeds.   


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