E3D Dual Extrusion – Chimera/Cyclops



Available in 1.75mm only.

CHIMERA Standard Dual Nozzle extrusion in a compact air cooled package.

Chimera is a neat and simple way in which to add conventional dual extrusion to your machine in a simple, air cooled package. Nozzles can be individually adjusted in height for an easy setup experience. Each nozzle is individually temperature controllable for ultimate material versatility. Chimera inherits the best from it’s cousins, v6 and Kraken, combining them into a single, reliable, yet highly capable hotend with a tiny 30x28mm footprint and easy mounting.  This

CYCLOPS Innovative new dual extrusion from a single nozzle

Cyclops introduces a new way of printing multiple materials not yet seen before in commercially available hotends. By taking 2 input materials and printing them alternately from a single nozzle Cyclops is able to eliminate ooze problems that are inherent in most conventional dual extrusion systems. This new approach has been working excellently for E3D in early testing, but consider this to be a new experimental hot end.

LEGENDS All the parts to make a CHIMERA and CYCLOPS

You are the ultimate 3D Printing explorer.  Get this kit to test out all the features of both the Chimera and Cyclops.

As an early adopter and experimenter, you will be helping to pave the way in how to apply this new dual extrusion method.  Printing with a Switching-Hotend is an exciting new frontier, although software and electronics setup are fairly simple and we are seeing great results here at E3D we want to be up-front about the status of this product. We are still developing the best techniques, settings and procedures to get beautiful reliable prints every time. Cyclops takes some extra learning and getting used to and may require a little tinkering and tuning to get awesome prints. If you’re looking for a more conventional system then Chimera may be a better fit for your needs.

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