E3D Dual Extrusion – Chimera+ Air Cooled 1.75mm

E3D Dual Extrusion – Chimera+ Air Cooled 1.75mm

By E3D

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E3D Dual Extrusion – Chimera+ Air Cooled 1.75mm

Dual Extrusion+ Chimera

The next generation of the E3D Dual Extrusion Chimera, redesigned in 2018.  This hot end has two filament inlets and two filament outlets for traditional dual extrusion in a compact package.  

From E3D:

Same great printing performance and possibilities; new compatibility and features.


  • Chimera+ fit standard fans, thermistors and heater cartridges. It will also work with Capricorn bowden tubing
  • Chimera+ is compatible with cartridge-style heaters and thermistors, opening the door to PT100s and thermocouples.

Cyclops+ is no longer compatible with

  • Old-style Cyclops heater blocks

  • Old-style Cyclops and Chimera heatsinks due to the increased distance between the filament inputs

  • Bead-type temperature sensors

What's in the Box?

 Cyclops / Chimera Cold Side

Air-Cooled Cold Side

  • Air-cooled heatsink
  • 2x black plastic collets
  • 2x blue plastic collet clips
  • Cyclops+ fixings kit (suitable for Cyclops+ and Chimera+)
  • 800mm PTFE bowden tubing
  • 12V/24V fan

Chimera Hot Side

Chimera Hot Side

  • Heatsink compound
  • 2x silicone socks
  • 2x 0.4mm V6 brass nozzles
  • 2x V6 heater blocks
  • Fixings kit
  • 2x30W Heater cartridges (12V/24V)
  • 2x Thermistor cartridges