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The Creality CR-X is a large format dual extruder value printer that produces remarkably good prints.  This printer is shipped flat packed and simply requires installation of a few bolts to get up and running.


Best suited for makers / tinkerers who like working on their own machines and are looking for a lot of value for their dollars and don't mind putting in some time for occasional tuning and maintenance.  

We do not advise this machine for enterprise and education users who are looking for more of a 'hands-off' workhorse.

Some key specs / features:

  • Build size: 300mm X 300mm X 400mm (11.8"X11.8"X15.8").  
  • Dual extruder
  • Dual lead screws on the Z-azis:  S version only.  Eliminate the racking print failures associated with the earlier single screw versions.
  • Heated bed 
  • 0.4mm nozzle
  • Touch screen with SD card printing.  No need to connect to a computer while running.
  • Every CR-10S shipped from is inspected and tested prior to shipping.

  •  Maximum printing temperature:  Creality does not specify this, however, based on the construction, it is advised to keep printing temperature below about 230C unless you install an all metal hot end like an E3D.

  • Maximum bed temperature:  Again, not specified by Creality.  Practically speaking, we find 100C to be the max.

  • Compatible materials:  Any materials that print below the limits listed above.  

Why buy from vs other sellers who don't specialize in 3D Printing?

Buying a Chinese made 3D Printer can be intimidating and we are here to help at Printed Solid. While most online stores just ship boxes and have no idea about 3D printers, we at Printed Solid have been in the business of 3D printers exclusively since 2013.  We know our way around the machines inside and out. We have a direct relationship with the manufacturer and get active support with parts in stock in the United States.

Every CR-X is unpacked, inspected and run through a series of performance tests to verify it is a functional machine before shipping it out to you. We verify firmware, assembly, electronics and relative flatness of the build plate to ensure you receive a working machine.

It ships from our warehouse and showroom here in the United States so you will have tracking information and not have to deal with long waits or surprise customs fees to receive your printer.  



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