ColorFabb WoodFill 1.75mm X 600g

ColorFabb WoodFill 1.75mm X 600g

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People who have experience in 3D Printing and other kinds of polymer processing will tell you that not all materials are the same.  PLA from one source is not the same as PLA from another.  Material, environment, and process conditions all make a big difference in the end product.

That true for all filaments, but it even more significant with wood filaments.

colorFabb woodfill is a new type of wood filament for 3D printing.  It consists of 30% pinewood in a binder of colorFabb PLA/PHA.  It is very different from wood filaments that are on the market now.

  • The filament and printed object have good mechanical properties.  The filament is reasonably ductile and will not snap during regular handling.  It feeds well in bowden and direct drive extruders.
  • The color is stable over a range of temperatures. This material will not significantly change color by increasing or decreasing temperature.
  • The added filler gives the material a lot of melt strength, so bridging is excellent.  This same property also allows the material to be heat smoothed after printing.
  • The printed object immediately has full strength after printing just like a regular PLA print.  No post-print curing time is required.
  • The filler content results in nearly zero warpage or shrinkage of the part.  The makes dimensional stability and build plate adhesion excellent.
  • This material is provided on a spool!  Standard spool is minimum 600 grams of filament due to the lower density of this material vs PLA.
  • It is available in 1.75mm and 2.85 (3mm) and can be printed with a 0.4mm or larger nozzle.  We like to use a larger nozzle.  Here an example print we made with a 0.8mm nozzle on an ultimaker.
  • While any wood filament will jam due to wood drying out in the nozzle if youre not careful with print settings, weve heard repeatedly from customers that this material jams less than other wood filaments that they have tried.

Check out our testing of this material here.

colorFabb has provided excellent informational resources for this material including profiles for Cura and Makerware here.

Here is a video review from one of our favorite YouTubers: