ColorFabb PLA Economy 1.75mm x 2.2kg Dark Blue EOL

ColorFabb PLA Economy 1.75mm x 2.2kg Dark Blue EOL

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colorFabb PLA Economy is an option for those looking to maintain the high quality standards that colorFabb adheres to but without the special performance characteristics of their other filament.  The economy PLA is provided on large spools and in large quantities of 2.2kg so that you get more value per kilogram out of your purchase.

Note that the spool size is much larger than can fit on nearly any standard printer spool holder.  So, you will need to print one.  OD is 300mm, Bore is 52mm, and width is 102mm.  ColorFabb has shared their design for a spool holder here.  


Colorfabb PLA Economy

Printing Temperature: 195C-220C works well on most printers
Printing Speed: 40 - 100 mm/s
Heated Bed Temperature (if you have one, not strictly necessary): 50-60C
Cooling fan: Off for the first layers, then100% fan cooling for best aesthetics, this gives best performance on overhangs and small details. For best mechanical performance try printing with the least amount of cooling needed, for optimal layer adhesion.
Diameter Tolerance:  ± 0.1 mm or better
Density: 1,2-1,3 g/cm3
Glass Transition Temperature: 55C