ColorFabb LW-PLA Filament 2.85mm X 750g Black

ColorFabb LW-PLA Filament 2.85mm X 750g Black

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ColorFabb just keeps cranking out innovative materials!

The first filament of its kind using an active foaming technology to achieve lightweight, low density PLA parts. At around 230C this material will start foaming, increasing its volume by nearly 3 times.

Users can decrease material flow by 60% to achieve lightweight parts, or use the expanding properties to effectively reduce print time by using big layer heights or single extra thick perimeters.

Learn more about how to use this material.

Fine tuning and optimization is needed to fully understand and master this material.

1.210-1.430 g·cm-3 (non activated density)

0.403 0,476 g·cm-3 (maximum activated density)

Glass Transition Temperature