ColorFabb CorkFill 1.75mm X 650g

By colorFabb

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ColorFabb CorkFill 1.75mm X 650g

People who have experience in 3D Printing and other kinds of polymer processing will tell you that not all materials are the same.  PLA from one source is not the same as PLA from another.  Material, environment, and process conditions all make a big difference in the end product.

That true for all filaments, but it even more significant with wood filaments.

colorFabb WoodFill is a new type of wood filament for 3D printing.  It consists of 30% pinewood in a binder of colorFabb PLA/PHA.  It is very different from wood filaments that are on the market now.

colorFabb CorkFill is WoodFill's new sibling.  It is a natural cork material mixed with colorFabb PLA/PHA.  This provides a rich dark brown color.  

The density is lower than regular PLA, but higher than woodfill, so a spool is 650g vs the standard 750g and the 600g for woodfill.

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