Proto-Pasta Cloverleaf Metallic Green HTPLA 1.75mm x 500g

Proto-Pasta Cloverleaf Metallic Green HTPLA 1.75mm x 500g

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No luck required for great print quality with Cloverleaf Green Metallic HTPLA Filament!

We captured the luck of the Irish in this brilliant green PLA filament loaded with gold metallic fleck!

Print with the ease of standard PLA with standard hardware and temperatures, but make fun, mesmerizing prints that stand out. Celebrate good times by printing metallic green PLA toys, treasures, and keepsakes. If you want to make a print more fun, just add some metallic pop! Our green metallic PLA finish contains no actual metal and has little risk of clogging or wearing your nozzle, and it won't make a glitter mess, but beware the printing is sure to be addictive! Metallic Pparticles within the metallic PLA are relatively small but have some orientation effects, giving top/bottom surfaces more shine than sidewall, so have some fun playing with orientation to see how the result changes! We recommend 0.2 mm layers for the best result.