Chris's Basement Sticker

Chris's Basement Sticker

By Printed Solid

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Chris's Basement Sticker

While we don't usually accept YouTuber's for our community stickers program, Chris Riley of Chris's Basement is the exception. He shows time and again that he creates content focused on the community. with extremely technical detail he presents how-to's that strengthen the community as a whole and that is why we have added him to our collection.  

If you want to watch unboxing video's or someone printing Benchies on a new printer then Chris is not the guy for you. If you want to learn the details on temp tables, stepper drivers and firmware then he might be just what you're looking for.

So be sure to check him out on YouTube

 and follow him on Twitter


As with all of our Community Stickers, If you buy one for $5.00 then we give $5.00 to them. It's that simple. We do this to support the community and help people further it.



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