Bondtech LGX™ SHORT SET for FF Prusa MK3S

Bondtech LGX™ SHORT SET for FF Prusa MK3S

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This plastic parts set is for users looking to install a LGX FF on a Prusa type 3D printer that requires a different x-carriage than the original Prusa MK3S.
Screws, nuts, cables and other mounting accessories are not included in this set.

This short set of accessories for LGX™ FF Prusa is supplied with the following items:

  • 1x 10083-1 LGX™ PA12 Mount;
  • 1x 10083-4 LGX™ PA12 Pinda Holder;
  • 1x 10083-5 LGX™ PA12 Fan Shroud;
  • 1x 10083-6 LGX™ PA12 Filament Sensor Box with:
    • 15110 LGX Prusa Spring
    • 15037 7mm Steel Sphere