Ultimaker 3D Printers

The Market Leader in Desktop 3D Printing

Manufacturing and model-making workflows can be inefficient and complicated. Ultimaker delivers an open and integrated solution of 3D printers, software, and materials that helps professionals innovate every day.

Ultimaker 3D printers simply work. Our award-winning 3D printers are robust, reliable, and easy to use. They deliver quality parts time and again. Certified to run 24/7, they allow you to achieve the results you need more quickly and easily.

Innovate In-House with Ultimaker

Leading designers and engineers all over the world are rejecting the limitations, frustrations, and high cost of traditional production methods. Instead, these professionals maintain their competitive edge by relying on local, digital manufacturing - from on-demand design prototypes to custom tooling on the factory floor.

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Starting at $ 2,650.00

Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle

Industrial production power on your desktop

This unique production solution gives busy engineers and designers the freedom to focus all day on doing their best work. Transform your office 3D printing workflow with automated material handling, air filtration, and filament humidity control. The Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle unlocks demanding applications with an extended range of materials.

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Starting at $ 9,550.00

Ultimaker S5 Large Format

Powerful, Reliable, Versatile

Our flagship 3D printer offers reliable dual extrusion on a larger scale. Create functional prototypes, production tools, and strong end-use parts made from advanced polymers and composite materials. It also features advanced active leveling, filament flow sensors, and an intuitive touchscreen to make your 3D printing experience simpler and easier.

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Starting at $ 6,355.00

Ultimaker S3 Dual Extension

Massive Performance in a Small Footprint

The new Ultimaker S3 delivers high-quality, composite-ready performance – in an efficiently compact size. Packed with our latest technology, it is as easy to use as it is powerful, offering the most cost-effective way for disruptive businesses to adopt in-house 3D printing.

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Starting at $ 4,080.00

Ultimaker S2+ Connect

Start 3D Printing the Ultimaker Way

What if iterations could take just 8 hours instead of 80? That's the power of connected in-house 3D printing. And it's made possible with the Ultimaker 2+ Connect. Test your ideas for less – by 3D printing prototypes with your choice of affordable materials. On average, Ultimaker customers achieve more than 80% cost savings compared to outsourcing.

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Starting at $ 2,650.00

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Printed Solid is an authorized reseller of Ultimaker 3D printers. You can be confident that your printer will meet the highest performance standards.

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We stand behind our printers and offer a one year standard warranty, with the option to upgrade to an extended warranty.

Free Shipping

We are proud to offer fast, complimentary shipping in the continental US on all orders over $45.

Complete Your Setup

Personalize your setup and workflow with our vast range of Ultimaker accessories. Not sure where to start? Our team of experts are here to help!

Not sure which Ultimaker printer is right for you?

Make an appointment to have an exploratory call with one of our experts to determine which model will be the right fit for your 3D printer needs and usage.

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