Status of Prusa Research MK3s+ assembled 3d Printers availability from Printed Solid as of 5/12/2023


Currently we are out of stock of the Original Prusa3d MK3s+ assembled printer and we do expect to have more product available by the middle of July.

For those of you wishing to purchase the unassembled KIT version, please be aware that this is a box of parts to assemble a complete Prusa MK3s+ 3d printer

The assembly of this version does require a minimum of eight (8) hours assembly time and usually more if this is your first 3d printer assembly. Complete step by step instructions are included and also available online at

While we do understand the urgency to have this product as quickly as possible we do need to make sure that you are aware of the process involved for assembly and that the kit version does not have a full one year warranty like the assembled version.