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Elixir is blend of PLA and polymers that results in a stunning pearlescent shine that is unmatched by normal PLA, it's perfect for printing busts, vases or any model that needs to stand out.

We have worked hard to bring you what we believe is one of the best PLA’s on the market today. We are excited to see what you will create with Elixir PLA Blend.

  • Diameter: 1.75mm and 2.85mm
  • Tolerance:0.05 +/-
  • Printing temperature: 200-220C
  • Printing plate: 0-60 degrees
  • Weight: NW 750G, GW 1.150KG
  • Spool diameter 200mm

Amazing Colors

We offer a world-class selection of rich and vibrant colors that have been rigorously tested to ensure every roll is the same, batch after batch.

Easy to Print

We engineer our filaments to print in all open source 3D printers. We have seen clean & consistent results in a wide range of printers on the market. Tried and tested filament saves you time and money.

Laser-Guided Precision

Our manufacturing process insures industry leading +/-0.05mm tolerances. We use the latest laser guided optical micrometers that measures the filament multiple times a second. This gives free consistent printing performance first time every time.