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colorFabb Filament Sample




So, you’ve heard all about how awesome colorFabb filament is.  You really want to try it, but just can’t bring yourself to shell out the cash (or bitcoin) to invest in full spools. We have a solution. Sample packs. Each sample contains the equivalent of approximately 50g of PLA coiled and secured with a zip tie.  This amounts to roughly 16m of 1.75mm filament or a little under 6m of 2.85mm filament.  

A little bit of fine print about our sample packs:

  • At this time, we are only offering samples based on material type; we are not offering choice on color selection.  Colors are based on whatever we have open at the time the order is placed.  
  • Samples are made up ahead of time, so if you order two samples, you will receive two samples and not one long sample.
  • Sample packs will have a lead time of up to about 5 business days.  Any orders containing samples packs will be held until the samples are ready.  So, if you are in a rush, you may want to consider placing sample pack orders in a separate order from anything else.

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