LulzBot HS+ Tool Head Hardened Steel 1.2mm


HS Tool Head | Hardened Steel | 1.2 mm

Produce high-strength parts that retain their dimensional stability in harsh environments in a fraction of the time! The large 1.2 mm nozzle diameter and massive heater block with elongated melting zone is paired with the E3D Titan Extruder to enable extrusion rates of up to approximately 205 grams/hour.

Featuring a hardened steel nozzle and extruder hobb, this industrial 3D printer extruder head is capable of printing high-strength composite polymers on par with PEEK's tensile strength (15,200 psi - ASTM638). These polymers are used in a wide range of high-demand applications, from structural components to the automotive industry.

Parts printed with these composites have higher impact resistance, resist deformation, while retaining strength in harsh and demanding environments. Industrial materials like PA-CF Low Warp combine strength and dimensional stability (less than 2% elongation at break - ASTM638) with the ability to perform in higher operating temperatures up to approximately 120° C (248° F).

A large heater block, a massive melting zone, and a 1.2 mm nozzle brings the strongest, fastest prints yet.

Check out all the features and additional printing capability info below.

The ability to create functional jigs, fixtures, and prototypes on-site in a fraction of the time significantly reduces lead time and cost.

Parts Included

  • (1) LulzBot HS+ Tool Head | Hardened Steel | 1.2 mm (Fully Assembled)
  • (1) 3D Printed Wiper Mount
  • (5) Replacement Wiper Pads
  • (1) Red Scrub Pad
  • Sample of PETg Filament, Used in First Print


Layer Resolution: 0.6 mm - 1.0 mm (0.027 in - 0.039 in)

Nozzle Diameter: 1.2 mm

Nozzle Material: Hardened Steel

Extruder Hobb Material: Hardened Steel

Hot End Temperature Range: 120°C - 290°C (248°F - 554°F)

Extruder & Hot End: Genuine E3D Titan Aero

Maximum Extrusion Rate: Approximately 205 grams/hour | 45.69 mm³/s with PLA at 220°C (428°F)

Recommended filament diameter: 2.85 mm diameter (3 mm)

Supported Materials: Carbon-fiber filled Nylon, ABS, PETg, PLA, NinjaFlex TPU

Certified Open Source Hardware: US000148

Compatibility Alert

  • This industrial 3D printer extruder head is currently compatible with
  • LulzBot Mini 2 3D Printer.
  • LulzBot Mini 1
  • TAZ 5
  • TAZ 6


users will be able to take advantage of the high-strength 3D printing capabilities with the TAZ 5/6 Universal Tool Head Adapter and the Mini 1 Universal Tool Head Adapter.

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