PEI Adhesive Backed Build Surface

Printed Solid

The best build plate surface for most materials.  

This is PEI sheet 175um thick with pre-applied 3M adhesive sheet. Simply peel the back off and carefully work it on to your glass so you don't get any bubbles.  

In addition, something that we do a little differently than some others is fully dry and include a dessicant in the package.  The reason here is that the PEI and adhesive will adsorb moisture at the surface and if it is not dry when applied you will get bubbles in your surface.  

For your ABS and PLA, you can simply make sure that the plate is very clean (we advise a wipe down with isopropyl alcohol for every print and a wipe down with Acetone every 30 prints or so) and print.  No coatings, no parts popping off.  Easy.  Then when the build plate cools down, the parts can be easily removed.  

For copolyesters (PETG, XT, etc) and TPU/TPE (ninjaflex, armadillo, etc) you will want to put down a little glue stick to limit the adhesion.  

Based on customer feedback, and our own use, all of these sheets are made slightly oversize (by a few millimeters on a side) to compensate for user error aligning to your bed when installing.  If you don't want the excess material hanging off, it is easy to trim the edges after install with a straight razor.

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