XSTRAND GF30-PP Professional Filament - 500g

Owens Corning

Tough and chemical resistant polypropylene blended with glass fibers for high stiffness.  This filament provides an awesome option for challenging industrial applications.  


This is an advanced challenging professional filament and will require a very capable Printer.

Special printer requirements for this printer:


Features and Benefits:

Materials designed for functional prototyping and industrial applications

Engineered reinforced plastics

Very stiff and strong

Large operational temperature range: -20 ˚C to 120 ˚C

Good chemical and UV resistance

Excellent layer adhesion and reduced warping effect compare to neat materials

Printing Recommendations:

XSTRAND™ filaments are designed to be compatible with most of open fused filament fabrication 3D printers available on the market.

Hardened steel nozzle is highly recommended to print XSTRAND™. When melted, XSTRAND™ filament can be abrasive due to its glass reinforcement.

Using hardened steel nozzles and extruder driving wheels is advised.

 Bed components are recommended as follows: o If printing on a glass bed use one of the following:

Using your existing bed, try reinforced strapping packaging tape on the bed (e.g. Scotch Extreme Tape)

For more frequent use, a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plate as printing surface, instead of glass plate for example, is highly recommended. Bed temperature at 30-50˚C. It’s better if the HDPE bed is thicker (thickness of 1/4’’ to 3/8’’). First layer width of 130% and height of 75% are recommended too. 

For large flat surface, a raft is required to reduce warping. 5-8mm raft offset and airgap 0.16 – 0.18 are recommended. • Nozzle temperature: 220 – 280 ̊C • Bed temperature: 80-110 ̊C • Nozzle diameter: >0.4mm

Case studies: • Rossignol • Seair:


About Owens Corning:

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