Prusa MK3 and 2.5 Removable Build Plate Gecko Tek EZ-Stik Hot Print Surface

Printed Solid

The best build surface out there for 3D Printing with Nylon.

This plate is a durable spring steel plate with the Gecko Tek EZ-Stik Hot Print Surface already applied to one side.  You can apply whatever surface you'd like on the other.  We like a PEI / Gecko Tek combo. It has the same notches as the one included with your Prusa MK3 or MK2.5 printer so it is a perfect drop on replacement.

Take your 3D Printing to the next level. The Advanced Coating Technology in EZ-Stik Hot provides maximum adhesion when heated to prevent warping and easy part removal when cooled.

Our new removable build plates combine the reliability of EZ-Stik with the convenience and flexibility of spring steel to bring you the greatest professional 3D printer build surface on the market. Use your build plate again and again to print every popular filament – PLA, ABS, PETG, Nylon and more. 

At Printed Solid, we have tested this surface with a wide range of materials.  While it works with many materials, it is absolutely incredible with nylon.  If you print with nylon a lot, then you absolutely need this.


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