Magnetic Iron PLA Filament


From the people who first brought you Carbon Fiber PLA, we are proud to present Magnetic Iron PLA.

Protopasta was one of the first companies to bring a carbon fiber filled filament to the market.  Now they’re at it again with iron filled material.

Similar to the CFPLA, magnetic iron is filled with finely milled and separated iron particles.  The particles are small and well distributed so they will not clog your nozzle.  We’ve had excellent results printing this material in nozzles down as small as 0.35mm, but we recommend a minimum of 0.4mm.  Print at standard PLA temperatures.  Heated bed optional.

As printed, it’s a matte grey color.  However, after wet sanding and polishing to a smooth finish, it takes on a smooth black finish like iron.

Let it sit in a salt air environment (a little bit of salt water in a cup works well) and it will rust for an extremely cool effect.

Aside from being magnetic, the iron primarily gives a cool visual effect.  It is not conductive.  It does not increase strength.  However, it does increase density and  Some customers have observed that it increases wear resistance, but we don’t have any hard data on that yet.



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