Safety Enclosure Kit Parts for Robo3D R1 Series

By Printed Solid

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Safety Enclosure Kit Parts for Robo3D R1 Series
Safety Enclosure Kit Parts for Robo3D R1 Series

Note that this works with ALL versions of the Robo3D R1.  R1, kickstarter, R1Plus, etc.  If you've bought the touchpad option, you will need to design a mount for it.  

This is a flat packed kit of laser cut 0.125″ thick acrylic sheets designed by Robo3D forum member Mike Kelly.  Printed Solid is manufacturing and distributing these parts directly for Mike.

The kit contains the laser cut pieces to make covers for the front and back of the machine.

It will add a layer of safety to your printer by allowing you to watch the prints in action without accidentally touching any moving or hot parts.

It will also keep drafts away from your prints and keep the heat in, which will improve their quality.

You will need to print latches and purchase some fasteners.  

It attaches to the Robo using printable latches.  Source files here.

Note that if you have a version prior to the 5/2/16 batch, it attaches to the Robo 3D housing using a printable french cleat type hinge available here.

The pieces can be solvent welded together quickly and easily using weld-on or other acrylic weld on solvent or adhesive or simply taped together.  

Assembly instructions are here.

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