Olsson Block for Ultimaker 2

Olsson Block for Ultimaker 2

By 3D Solex

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Olsson Block for Ultimaker 2

Olsson Block Hot End Upgrade for Ultimaker 2

Do you have an Ultimaker 2 but find yourself frustrated with the hot end that isn't user serviceable?  We've got a solution for you!

The Olsson block was developed to make life a bit easier for Ultimaker 2 owners.  Amazing printer, but the original stock hot end design robs you of a bit of the flexibility of other 3D printers.  

With the Olsson block, the nozzle is replaceable within seconds.  You can swap the standard 0.4mm nozzle out with and of the E3D nozzles that we stock.  So, you can drop down to 0.25mm for more precise XY resolution or jump up to 0.8mm for stronger prints and faster printing time.  Larger nozzles and the stainless steel nozzles are helpful for filled and abrasive materials respectively.

Our block comes with all the items shown in the picture.  A genuine E3D 0.4mm nozzle, Olsson block assembly, socket, and screwdriver.  You can buy additional nozzles here.

This item ships free USPS First Class as a standard option.  If you buy it in the same order as larger items (like a spool of colorFabb) then it will ship in the same package.  

Note that we sell this item in the US only.  Check here for international resellers.

Click here for instructions (you can also get other UM replacement parts from GR5.  He is awesome, so please do!)