We are ending our relationship with Creality.

For the last year we have been working with Creality and selling their machines. We have been fighting with them to make sure they comply with Open Source licensing requirements and for awhile they were complying, even releasing their source code for the CR-10S and Ender3. When they were not in compliance we stopped selling their printers and waited till they would honor licensing. Once they did, we agreed to start selling them again.

That brings us to today.

Once again they have pulled backed and refuse to release source on the printers they are knowingly in violation of GPL including the new CR-X which we got in stock under the assumption they would be complying.

At Printed Solid we believe in community and Open Source. If someone releases their work under Open Source licensing then it is the communities responsibility to hold companies like Creality responsible for when they violate those licenses. So we will not replenish our stock anymore for Creality products.

Fool us once, shame on you, fool us twice, shame on me and we are truly ashamed now.

We brought additional value to Creality machines by bringing them into the USA and inspecting and fixing them up with QC they desperately need. If you read any of the comments online you will hear constant horror stories about printers broken or missing parts from Creality purchased from online stores like Amazon without any inspection. In our own internal testing we found about 1 in 5 CR-10S printers and 100% or the CR-X printers had a fault, failure or missing parts on them and we would fix each and every one of them before selling them. When dealing with a low end machine like the CR-10S we were bringing their QC up to a higher level for the units we sold. However we can not add value to a company that takes away value from Open Source and the 3D printer community.

So we will be blowing out the remainder of our inventory and not carrying anymore Creality printers from this day forward unless we have a legally binding contract from Creality that they will comply with and honor all open source licensing on all of their products including any that we do carry. Honestly we have talked with them enough to know that this will not happen. A promise video, tweet or releasing source for one printer will not be enough now. We will not move forward without a separate and enforceable internationally binding contract.

We are members of the 3D printer community and we are protectors of the 3D printer community. So when a company like Creality violates the trust of the community we feel a responsibility to respond to it for the community. Even at our own expense and profits.

We will have the following deals till we run out of stock. After they are gone, they are gone. In addition to selling them at a loss we will be donating $50 to Marlin development for each printer sold because if Creality won't support Marlin development then we will.

$500    Creality CR-10S printer

$600    Creality CR-10S4 printer

$600    Creality CR-X printer

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