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Vapor Polishing colorFabb XT!

A few nights ago, I printed a thin walled part with colorFabb _XT.  It was very tall and unstable.  Essentially a 4 inch disk standing on end.  I used a brim, but that wasn't really enough.  As the part built up higher and higher, it became less and less stable.  As such, I ended up with a pretty low quality print and had a few layer delaminations.
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Creepy Clowns! 3D Printed Props for The Haunted Barn n Trail - Camden, DE

About a month ago, I put up a blog post about some 3D printed props I was making for a haunted house.  Since then, we’ve refined the plan for what I will be making for them.  One room in the haunted house will have about 30 miniature creepy clown busts mounted around the room.  Everyone I’ve described this to thinks its pretty creepy. 
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