A few weeks ago, I read the announcement that Smooth-On had launched a product for post processing 3D printed objects to help smooth the layers called XTC-3D. From their product page, here is the description and the performance claims:

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Here’s another application for 3D printing. Custom party decorations. My wife and I decided we wanted to have bowls in the shape of the letters of our daughter’s name to hold snacks for her birthday.  So, I designed some in CAD and printed them on my Ultimaker 3D printer.  Read More
A few months ago, I received some samples of colorFabb PLA/PHA filament.  I liked it so much that I decided to become a reseller in the USA.  Here is my initial evaluation showing off some of the great properties of the PLA/PHA.  This material is awesome.  Read More

I've been 3D printing Halloween themed parts throughout the year, both for fun and as props for The Haunted Barn in Camden, DE.

Now that Halloween is almost here, I thought it would be cool to put up some of the things I've printed.  I'd love to supplement this with other people's prints as well.  Please leave a comment with your print.  You can link it, or send it to me and I will add it to the post!

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A few nights ago, I printed a thin walled part with colorFabb _XT.  It was very tall and unstable.  Essentially a 4 inch disk standing on end.  I used a brim, but that wasn't really enough.  As the part built up higher and higher, it became less and less stable.  As such, I ended up with a pretty low quality print and had a few layer delaminations. Read More